A MaineCoon Named Minion

Earlier today I was standing in my kitchen, loving my window when I noticed our MaineCoon cat, Minion enjoying the window as much as I do. I quickly snapped a picture and thought maybe it was time to write another blog, and one about Minion!

We got Minion from a friend of mine, his mama abdonded him and my friend rescued him. He was two – three weeks old when we adopted him. He was so small!! Minion had to be bottle fed and kept in a crate so Cheeto, who was being very grumpy towards little bitty Minion, wouldn’t bother him. Cheeto so grumpy he wouldnt even let me hold or play with him! This made Jerry take over that roll, which I teased and called him ” Mama Jerry”. This caused Minion to imprint in Jerry. One thing inparticular that we found so funny was that the crate was next to our bed and baby Minion would cry and cry until Jerry stuck his hand over the side of the bed. Baby Minion would instantly stop meowing. But, if Jerry put his hand back into bed the crying would return. Poor Jerry didn’t get much sleep those first few weeks. Here’s some pictures of Minion as a baby.

We didn’t know at the time that Minion was part MaineCoon. We were in for a surprise! A cat is a cat right? Wrong!

Minion had some weird quirks that most domestic house cats don’t have. The biggest one? He only drinks running water. He will not drink bowl water. Easy fix right? Buy a fountain! Been there, done that, didn’t work. No, Minion is a spoiled little guy who only drinks out of the facets! We have had to make some adjustments. He gets very upset and grumpy when I forget to leave him a little drip.

He also hardly meows, he chirps. Yes, our cat only chirps. Minion also really hates his feet touched. That’s a sure fire way to make him mad, just an accidental graze and he no longer likes you, of course, unless you are Mama Jerry. As a matter of fact, he gives Jerry hugs when Jerry comes home from work, he stands on his back legs and puts his front legs around Jerry’s leg. It’s pretty cute.

Minion also basically only likes Jerry, when Jerry leaves Minion has been known to try to bury me in my sleep, growl at me an other mean things. It’s okay, I still love him.

Minion is also polydactyl!! This means he has extra fingers on his paws.

Well, I could go on for a long time about Minion, but I will save the stories for other times. However, here are some of my favorite pictures of our little big fella!

It’s a grand old flag.

Happy Independence Day, everyone!! ( a day late)

Today’s Chronicle is about previous fourth of Julys.

Growing up my family would always wait in anticipation for the holiday to come. We would spend the week prepping, picking out the menu, buying new pool games, finding new decorations, we were festive! The day before the 4th, would almost be as exciting as the actual day. We would prep all the good food that we could prep the day before. Then, that night we would go to the park and go to the free concerts and activities they had going on in our town. We would get home late and sometimes stay up and watch a movie, go for a night swim in the pool, or be so exhausted we would go straight to bed.

Then the 4th came. We would start cooking early. Everything was homemade and delicious, mac n cheese, pasta salad, german potato salad ( yum!) Red hot jello, chips, brats, hot dogs, fluffy burgers, everything grilled. Then we would have some kind of ice cream and festive desserts. We would start the day as early as we could and spend it in the pool, out of the pool, lunch, go to the parade, pool, supper, pool. Then we would go to the fire works.

Now, some years were different and we would go to my uncle’s and do the same thing with his much larger pool.

Did I mention we would get in the pool?!

My husband, Jerry, tells me I’m an aquatic human, and he is right. I love swimming, and would spend all summer in the pool if I could.

There would even be times we would get home late from the fireworks and beg mom and dad to let us go for a night swim. I say beg, but they always let us. We would swim while our neighbors would have firework competitions with each other and we would watch from the pool. It was amazing.

As my siblings and I have grown up and moved out, I think the holiday has become sad for my parents. They spent every summer making sure us kids had fantastic memories, and we do! But now, as we make our own plans, live in different towns, we all feel a little lost. It’s sad that things change and everyone can’t make it places to celebrate. However, as much as I miss it, I cherish every memory of the 4th of July with my family.

” There’s a feeling comes a stealing and it sets my brain a reeling … simply sets me off my noodle it’s the patriotic something that no one else can understand!! ”

America, mom, dad, you are all grand old flags!! Thanks for the memories 🙂

A Cheeto Chronicle

Oh Cheeto Bonito Flamingo….isn’t he handsome?!

Those who read my moms blog, this is the cat she talks about, I am her crazy cat lady.

In November 2010, I had graduated high school that spring and had started college all at the young age of 16. College was lonely and scary and due to being so young, it was hard for me to make friends because everyone was older and enjoying the ” college lifestyle” which to this day I do not enjoy those activites.

I needed a friend, I craved a friend. That day in November would forever change my life.

My mom and I were in the car when dad had called. I couldn’t quite make out what it was about, this before bluetooths and cell phone laws. I knew dad was asking mom something. For some reason I could feel excitement raise. I can still remember moms pleasant tone as she said ” okay”.

“Mom, what did Dad want? ” I asked, still feeling anxiously excited about the mysterious call. ” oh nothing” ( she was being so nonchalant.) “Your dad is bringing you home a cat”. WHAT!!!! I LOVED CATS AND HADN’T HAD ONE FOR LIKE 10 YEARS!!!WHAT?!?!!! I’VE ONLY BEGGED FOR ONE FOREVER!!!!!

Yeah, I forgot I was in college temporarily…I felt like a little kid on Christmas.

I went to Walmart and picked out all of the necessities for him, a soft comfy bed,toys, a collar, more toys, oh and you know less important things such as food and litter.

I anxiously waited for them to get home from work that day. They had called around 11 am and were not expected home until 5 or 6. Man, did those hours pass by slow.

Finally, I heard Dad’s pickup pull in. I rushed downstairs to the door and there was the most handsome, beautiful, cat I had ever seen. Little did I know then he would be the most unique and adventurous cat I’d ever have.

It was love at first site. He came right to me and meowed. As if introducing himself. I slowly reached down to pet him and he accepted. We were best friends for 9 years. ( He was a year old when we got him. )

We would soon go on many adventures. Until Cheetos adventures on September 23rd,2018.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about or miss my Cheeto Lay. ( he has acquired a lot of names over the years). If you keep following my blog you will hear all about our many adventures.

~ Cheeto Lay Sanders~

~July 15,2009 – September 23,2018~

Don’t leave the dirty dishes!

I fail at organizing. Let me rephrase, I do fantastic organizing my house, events, work spaces and ect. However, I struggle at staying organized. Things will be smooth sailing, extremely organized, then… I will get off work late, oh, I have a headache, I’m off tomorrow I can do it then, basically, life happens. Then, my hard work of organizing, returns to clutter, unorganized, a mess.

Because of my love of trying to be organized, I find myself reading all of the articles that come across my social media accounts with titles such as “top five ways to declutter your pantry” or ” 13 ways to live an organized life”. You get the picture, I click on all those headlines. Haha, but reading doesn’t count as the work! I’m reminded of the time my mom and I decided to try a new work out, so we bought a country line dance work out DVD. Being the clumsy people we are, we figured we better watch it first to learn how to do it. My ever sarcastic older brother caught us watching it, sitting on the couch, eating a snack. We jumped when his deep voice said ” really feeling the burn huh guys? “. We had been busted.

Old habits die hard. I read and read organizing tips and tricks and fall flat. There was one article that stuck out to me. It listed two key things. It worked off the concept that ” tidy people have tidy houses. ” meaning that in order to keep your house clean, you have to be clean. I worked and have been trying to work this concept for awhile. Jerry has even thrown it back to my face a couple times when I try to put off doing the dishes or the like ” No, we are tidy people now Shelby”. Busted, again.

The second concept is the most annoying. It stated whatever you do, don’t leave the dirty dishes! Ugh! Don’t go to bed with dirty dishes, don’t leave the house with dirty dishes, just no dirty dishes. Period. But we hate the dishes! The article talked about the ” wonderful” feeling of waking up to a clean kitchen, coming home to a clean kitchen, and even tried at that clean kitchens leads to weight loss. If your kitchen is clean, you are more likely to cook a healthier meal, if your kitchen is dirty, fast food it is!

Don’t leave the dirty dishes…. I can’t help but maybe dishes isn’t the only thing we shouldn’t ignore. Don’t leave the fight. Don’t leave the ill feelings towards your spouse or family member. Don’t leave the jealously. Don’t leave anger. Do not allow your feelings, your heartache, your ” messes” to pile up in a sink, left t mold, rot, stink and worst of all, fester. Deal with the dishes now! Put on your rubber gloves and get to scrubbing! Okay okay, I’ll stop over motivating, you understand.

I can’t help but wonder how much more organized we will feel when we deal with the dirty dishes at the time they become dirty. Will we wake up feeling ” wonderful ” that our kitchen and emotions are clean? Here’s to hoping.

That’s all for now, have to go do some dishes!


Hello everyone!

My name is Shelby. I am in my late twenties and live in a small town, what some people call a “bedroom community”. My newly wed husband and I just moved here within the last 2 weeks. We have found out that not only is our new small town a “bedroom community” it is also apparently a “golf cart community”! We have been enjoying seeing the different types of golf carts and have teasingly said we were going to buy one when we retire in like a billion years. Going from recently living in a larger city, the new small town feel that reminds us both of our own hometowns, has been a blessing.

Enough about our town! Onto us! I work as a nurse in a long term care setting, have worked in various areas in the nursing field, but something always draws me back to geriatrics. My husband is an I.T. guy that works for a large electronic billboard ( LED signs) company. People usually are puzzled when we tell them what he does. Allow me to explain a little. Picture the largest t.v. in the world, if you have trouble picturing it, you can Google Image search and find that it exists in Las Vegas, and that was made by his company! I guarantee if you zoom up A LOT you can see his name signed in sharpie there somewhere. Usually they stick to road side and bank signs though. When one of those bad boys stop working, Jerry is one of the friendly voices you may hear on the other end of the ” Tech Support” calls.

Jerry and I got married on May 3rd,2019. We started dating approximately 5 years ago, the same year we both graduated college. We closed on our new home on June 7th, 2019, ten days ago! What a whirl wind of emotions!

Jerry and I have 4 cats! Yes, 4 cats. In our defense two were unplanned. You will hear those stories later on. Our oldest cat, Minion is a 4 year old orange and white MaineCoon. He is big, fluffy, and attached to “Mama Jerry”. Next up are the siblings, Captain and mango. They are a little over a year old. Captain is a large black and grey tom cat, his sister Mango is a petite orange tabby. Then, on March 25th, 2019,would you guess, Mango had kittens!! We have kept the lone survivor, but have not agreed on a name for the little grey and orange calico.

That’s the scoop on our little family. Now, why to write a blog? My answer? Well, why not? My mom has a blog ( shout out tov”follow the yellow brick road”) . She seems to enjoy it and i thought I would try my hand. If you decide to follow this blog, expect to find things regarding cats, cooking, nerdy things, fun things, all sorts of things!!

Nice to meet you all!

Shelby Honey.