Don’t leave the dirty dishes!

I fail at organizing. Let me rephrase, I do fantastic organizing my house, events, work spaces and ect. However, I struggle at staying organized. Things will be smooth sailing, extremely organized, then… I will get off work late, oh, I have a headache, I’m off tomorrow I can do it then, basically, life happens. Then, my hard work of organizing, returns to clutter, unorganized, a mess.

Because of my love of trying to be organized, I find myself reading all of the articles that come across my social media accounts with titles such as “top five ways to declutter your pantry” or ” 13 ways to live an organized life”. You get the picture, I click on all those headlines. Haha, but reading doesn’t count as the work! I’m reminded of the time my mom and I decided to try a new work out, so we bought a country line dance work out DVD. Being the clumsy people we are, we figured we better watch it first to learn how to do it. My ever sarcastic older brother caught us watching it, sitting on the couch, eating a snack. We jumped when his deep voice said ” really feeling the burn huh guys? “. We had been busted.

Old habits die hard. I read and read organizing tips and tricks and fall flat. There was one article that stuck out to me. It listed two key things. It worked off the concept that ” tidy people have tidy houses. ” meaning that in order to keep your house clean, you have to be clean. I worked and have been trying to work this concept for awhile. Jerry has even thrown it back to my face a couple times when I try to put off doing the dishes or the like ” No, we are tidy people now Shelby”. Busted, again.

The second concept is the most annoying. It stated whatever you do, don’t leave the dirty dishes! Ugh! Don’t go to bed with dirty dishes, don’t leave the house with dirty dishes, just no dirty dishes. Period. But we hate the dishes! The article talked about the ” wonderful” feeling of waking up to a clean kitchen, coming home to a clean kitchen, and even tried at that clean kitchens leads to weight loss. If your kitchen is clean, you are more likely to cook a healthier meal, if your kitchen is dirty, fast food it is!

Don’t leave the dirty dishes…. I can’t help but maybe dishes isn’t the only thing we shouldn’t ignore. Don’t leave the fight. Don’t leave the ill feelings towards your spouse or family member. Don’t leave the jealously. Don’t leave anger. Do not allow your feelings, your heartache, your ” messes” to pile up in a sink, left t mold, rot, stink and worst of all, fester. Deal with the dishes now! Put on your rubber gloves and get to scrubbing! Okay okay, I’ll stop over motivating, you understand.

I can’t help but wonder how much more organized we will feel when we deal with the dirty dishes at the time they become dirty. Will we wake up feeling ” wonderful ” that our kitchen and emotions are clean? Here’s to hoping.

That’s all for now, have to go do some dishes!

1 thought on “Don’t leave the dirty dishes!”

  1. Well . . . when Jerry says that about you trying to put off doing the dishes . . . he could always do them! haha!


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