Hello everyone!

My name is Shelby. I am in my late twenties and live in a small town, what some people call a “bedroom community”. My newly wed husband and I just moved here within the last 2 weeks. We have found out that not only is our new small town a “bedroom community” it is also apparently a “golf cart community”! We have been enjoying seeing the different types of golf carts and have teasingly said we were going to buy one when we retire in like a billion years. Going from recently living in a larger city, the new small town feel that reminds us both of our own hometowns, has been a blessing.

Enough about our town! Onto us! I work as a nurse in a long term care setting, have worked in various areas in the nursing field, but something always draws me back to geriatrics. My husband is an I.T. guy that works for a large electronic billboard ( LED signs) company. People usually are puzzled when we tell them what he does. Allow me to explain a little. Picture the largest t.v. in the world, if you have trouble picturing it, you can Google Image search and find that it exists in Las Vegas, and that was made by his company! I guarantee if you zoom up A LOT you can see his name signed in sharpie there somewhere. Usually they stick to road side and bank signs though. When one of those bad boys stop working, Jerry is one of the friendly voices you may hear on the other end of the ” Tech Support” calls.

Jerry and I got married on May 3rd,2019. We started dating approximately 5 years ago, the same year we both graduated college. We closed on our new home on June 7th, 2019, ten days ago! What a whirl wind of emotions!

Jerry and I have 4 cats! Yes, 4 cats. In our defense two were unplanned. You will hear those stories later on. Our oldest cat, Minion is a 4 year old orange and white MaineCoon. He is big, fluffy, and attached to “Mama Jerry”. Next up are the siblings, Captain and mango. They are a little over a year old. Captain is a large black and grey tom cat, his sister Mango is a petite orange tabby. Then, on March 25th, 2019,would you guess, Mango had kittens!! We have kept the lone survivor, but have not agreed on a name for the little grey and orange calico.

That’s the scoop on our little family. Now, why to write a blog? My answer? Well, why not? My mom has a blog ( shout out tov”follow the yellow brick road”) . She seems to enjoy it and i thought I would try my hand. If you decide to follow this blog, expect to find things regarding cats, cooking, nerdy things, fun things, all sorts of things!!

Nice to meet you all!

Shelby Honey.

6 thoughts on “Introductions”

  1. Awww. Name him! He looks like he should be called Bean Burger! Perhaps you could have a blog asking for name suggestions! Post photos of him.


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