A Cheeto Chronicle

Oh Cheeto Bonito Flamingo….isn’t he handsome?!

Those who read my moms blog, this is the cat she talks about, I am her crazy cat lady.

In November 2010, I had graduated high school that spring and had started college all at the young age of 16. College was lonely and scary and due to being so young, it was hard for me to make friends because everyone was older and enjoying the ” college lifestyle” which to this day I do not enjoy those activites.

I needed a friend, I craved a friend. That day in November would forever change my life.

My mom and I were in the car when dad had called. I couldn’t quite make out what it was about, this before bluetooths and cell phone laws. I knew dad was asking mom something. For some reason I could feel excitement raise. I can still remember moms pleasant tone as she said ” okay”.

“Mom, what did Dad want? ” I asked, still feeling anxiously excited about the mysterious call. ” oh nothing” ( she was being so nonchalant.) “Your dad is bringing you home a cat”. WHAT!!!! I LOVED CATS AND HADN’T HAD ONE FOR LIKE 10 YEARS!!!WHAT?!?!!! I’VE ONLY BEGGED FOR ONE FOREVER!!!!!

Yeah, I forgot I was in college temporarily…I felt like a little kid on Christmas.

I went to Walmart and picked out all of the necessities for him, a soft comfy bed,toys, a collar, more toys, oh and you know less important things such as food and litter.

I anxiously waited for them to get home from work that day. They had called around 11 am and were not expected home until 5 or 6. Man, did those hours pass by slow.

Finally, I heard Dad’s pickup pull in. I rushed downstairs to the door and there was the most handsome, beautiful, cat I had ever seen. Little did I know then he would be the most unique and adventurous cat I’d ever have.

It was love at first site. He came right to me and meowed. As if introducing himself. I slowly reached down to pet him and he accepted. We were best friends for 9 years. ( He was a year old when we got him. )

We would soon go on many adventures. Until Cheetos adventures on September 23rd,2018.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about or miss my Cheeto Lay. ( he has acquired a lot of names over the years). If you keep following my blog you will hear all about our many adventures.

~ Cheeto Lay Sanders~

~July 15,2009 – September 23,2018~

3 thoughts on “A Cheeto Chronicle”

  1. Aww he was so cute! Thanks for sharing! My Chelsea passed away exactly 2 months after Cheeto. She was 20 and my best friend. Can’t wait to hear more stories about Cheeto Lay.

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