A MaineCoon Named Minion

Earlier today I was standing in my kitchen, loving my window when I noticed our MaineCoon cat, Minion enjoying the window as much as I do. I quickly snapped a picture and thought maybe it was time to write another blog, and one about Minion!

We got Minion from a friend of mine, his mama abdonded him and my friend rescued him. He was two – three weeks old when we adopted him. He was so small!! Minion had to be bottle fed and kept in a crate so Cheeto, who was being very grumpy towards little bitty Minion, wouldn’t bother him. Cheeto so grumpy he wouldnt even let me hold or play with him! This made Jerry take over that roll, which I teased and called him ” Mama Jerry”. This caused Minion to imprint in Jerry. One thing inparticular that we found so funny was that the crate was next to our bed and baby Minion would cry and cry until Jerry stuck his hand over the side of the bed. Baby Minion would instantly stop meowing. But, if Jerry put his hand back into bed the crying would return. Poor Jerry didn’t get much sleep those first few weeks. Here’s some pictures of Minion as a baby.

We didn’t know at the time that Minion was part MaineCoon. We were in for a surprise! A cat is a cat right? Wrong!

Minion had some weird quirks that most domestic house cats don’t have. The biggest one? He only drinks running water. He will not drink bowl water. Easy fix right? Buy a fountain! Been there, done that, didn’t work. No, Minion is a spoiled little guy who only drinks out of the facets! We have had to make some adjustments. He gets very upset and grumpy when I forget to leave him a little drip.

He also hardly meows, he chirps. Yes, our cat only chirps. Minion also really hates his feet touched. That’s a sure fire way to make him mad, just an accidental graze and he no longer likes you, of course, unless you are Mama Jerry. As a matter of fact, he gives Jerry hugs when Jerry comes home from work, he stands on his back legs and puts his front legs around Jerry’s leg. It’s pretty cute.

Minion also basically only likes Jerry, when Jerry leaves Minion has been known to try to bury me in my sleep, growl at me an other mean things. It’s okay, I still love him.

Minion is also polydactyl!! This means he has extra fingers on his paws.

Well, I could go on for a long time about Minion, but I will save the stories for other times. However, here are some of my favorite pictures of our little big fella!

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