2019~ The year of the Williams…

I am going to use this as sort of a “Christmas Letter”. You know, the letters people send out in their Christmas cards to tell everyone how their year has been. The receiving person glances at it, smiles at the pictures, hangs it up on the wall, and then forgets about it until they receive next years. If that is what you decide to do with this, that is fine, no hard feelings. I just felt like I wanted to update people who I do not speak to regularly.

Christmas 2018, was awesome. More specifically, Christmas Eve 2018 was awesome. Jerry proposed! I had been waiting years for this moment to happen. He had hidden the ring in my Christmas stocking, and when I got it done to open, he got down on one knee and said “Wanna marry me?”. Heavy sighs were included. Of course I said yes! We were so excited to show off to everyone at the Christmas festivities!

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We then and there ” Coined” 2019 as ” Our Year”. We spend New Year’s Eve by ourselves, love birds. Honestly, I had to work at 6am the next day and did not feel like partying. So we had frozen pizzas, drank sparkling grape juice, and watched ” The Incredibles Two”. Things were going on track.

February I received a promotion at work! I became a Unit Manager. I was thrilled. It was everything I had loved in a job and so much more. Again, Jerry and I mentioned how wonderful this year was going to be, and how it was meant to be our year!

March we had our wedding shower. It was wonderful. It was great to get our family and friends together to celebrate our love. We had a very lovely time.

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OH! Also in March, our adorable cat Mango, had her babies! She had four kittens total, one came out still born, and two more ended up passing later that week. She had one surviving kitten, that we ended up keeping.

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April. April was a sad month. In April, my company that I had worked with for the past 3 years, merged with another facility. The merge caused me to lose my position as unit manager and return to being a floor nurse. We also switched to the new building. It was a hard adjustment. I would be lying if i said this was easy. The work environment had changed. My coworkers had changed. My bosses I had looked up to and respected had changed. Everything was different. After some attitude adjustments on my end, I decided I was going to try to make the best of it and still be the nurse I knew I was.

May. WEDDING MONTH!!! Jerry and I got married on May 3rd, 2019. We ended up getting married at the Champaign County Courthouse. Besides a photographer, we were the only ones who attended other then the judge. We had received some negative feedback from certain family members for doing out wedding this way. But, again, it was OUR YEAR, and OUR wedding. We ultimately decided to let our families each throw us a reception and style it in the way they wanted. This helped with the negative feed back. More on the receptions later.

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June. June was another exciting month for us!! On June 7th,2019 we bought our first home! We had a moving party on June 8th. A bunch of friends and family came up to help us move. It was hard work but we had a blast.

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Later in June, June 29th, to be exact. We had my family’s wedding reception. It was awesome!! We had a DJ, an open bar, cake, appetizers, dancing, the whole- Sha-Bang. It was amazing time. Thank you again Mom and Dad for giving us a party to remember.

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July. Nothing too exciting happen. We had our 2nd reception at Jerry’s families. It was beautiful. We will always remember it. We also decided that this would be the last month of me taking birth control as it was time to start a family.

August. August was a sad month. August 12th I left work and went to the E.R. for what I thought was appendicitis. I had been having severe right upper quadrant pain and coffee ground emesis. For those non medical readers, this is tale tell sign of bleeding somewhere in the intestines. A week in the hospital, and lots of tests later. They ruled out my appendix, found a mass on my liver, diagnosed me with E. Coli. Poisoning, and sent me home. I continued to have severe pain and lots of nausea and vomiting. I went on FMLA at work and was awaiting results to find out why I was so sick. They later told me that I may have liver failure. That the mass they had found on my liver may be the cause of my issues and that my labs were not good and to watch for jaundice. How scary! Jerry and I both watched me like a hawk. Turned out my liver was fine. Still no answer for the nausea and vomiting.

September. This was one of the hardest months of my entire life. Along with dealing with being sick, I thought I was going to be come a widow. September 23rd. Jerry had his work picnic that we look forward to every year. The night before the picnic he came home and was complaining about how cold it was outside. It was 86 degrees. I laughed at him, felt his forehead, felt like he had a slight temp. He said he felt like he was coming down with something and went to bed early. The next day he lied ( found this out later) and said he was feeling better and wanted to go to the picnic. We went, but I could still tell he was not 100%. On the car ride home, I could tell he was burning up with a huge fever, he had confusion and poor judgement. I stopped at our house, told him I was taking him to the E.R. was just grabbing some supplies. At the E.R. he had a 104.9 fever. He also had chest pains. They started running all sorts of tests and then decided he had meningitis. They were waiting until Monday to confirm due to the failed spinal tap. They had him on SIX different medications. He continued to run a high fever. Almost 3 weeks of being in the hospital, they diagnosed him with Bartonella. Better known as Cat Scratch Fever.

October. The first part of October began with Jerry being in the hospital, the second part continued with him recovering from home. Which meant more time for us to be together and take care of each other, since I had yet to find out what was causing my symptoms. Towards the end of October I would have a upper and lower G.I. Scope completed.

November. Depression is real. I got the results of my scopes and was told that they found cancerous cells in the lining of my stomach. They were unsure if this was ” Pre- Cancer or active cancer”. More tests. Jerry went back to work and I was shell-shocked. Depression is real guys. Do not underestimate it. Check on your friends who have it!!! We are not okay. Ended up not having stomach cancer. Praise the Lord! But, will continue to have scopes done every five years to make sure. Within in this time, I also received a letter in the mail stating I had lost my job. Again, depression is real.

December. Things are hard. We are trying to get by financially and emotionally, but things are hard. So the first half of this year was ” Our year” and while we have been sad that the second part took a turn for the worst, we are still happy, in love, and fat and sassy. We still have plenty of Christmas Cheer!

Happy Holidays Everyone! Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Or however you say it!

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